Left Brain Pain Syndrome – The Harsh Truth

It has come to my attention as an event planner “Left Brain Pain Syndrome” is in fact real. Now, before you run to your local pharmacy, or symptom app, don’t. What you may find out there may be too much to handle; it may scare you. Please do this with me: Breathe In, Breathe Out. Now repeat until you are no longer suffering from what could have been a very scary episode of event planning anxiety overload. If someone you know is currently experiencing the effects of an event planning anxiety overload, point them to me.

Okay, back to the REAL crisis at hand, Left Brain Pain Syndrome.

Who is at Risk:
It can strike anyone at any stage in life, but right-brain creatives are at a higher risk. Fellow right-brainers, like myself, thrive on the whimsically unplanned, picture-perfect color schemes, fantastical fonts and creative designs. We love love love (repeated for emphasis…for those grammarians out there who would love love love to cross out the excessiveness) to dream with our intuitive eye and bounce from task to task. It is this propensity for disarray and colorful chaos that produces a fertile breeding ground for Left Brain Syndrome.


  • When faced with a slue of details, one will exhibit a strong desire to doodle on tables and may even resort to singing songs about the task’s impossibility to relieve anxiety
  • When faced with a strict set of rules, one may try to circumvent them and then suffer feelings of being closed in, trapped when unsuccessful – in extreme cases the patient will resort to running away, in most cases to a nearby art supply store or nearby senior citizen craft show
  • Patient may exhibit an increase in fidgets, pencil sharpening and other small habits such as paper tearing and nail biting when faced with a problem that involves any amount of numbers, statistics, and really big words
  • A general malaise can be experienced when forced to sit in a chair and color or write with only 1 colored marker, black
  • Heavy sighing upon completion of a task laden with logic, deadlines, and weird symbols
  • Sudden outbursts of glitter when asked to preform a routine task over a period of time

Left Brain Pain Syndrome is real. It hurts. It may be hurting someone you know and love, that someone may even be you. Having to juggle details, deadlines, and dates may all be too much for a right brainer. It is okay. You can get help. I have been dealing with it for years as an event planner and I know it will go away. You will find time again to browse the endless pins on Pinterest. You will discover peace in your 24 count crayon pack after the final checks in your budget have been signed and sent. I promise once again joy will turn your grayscale heart to full living color again. Sometimes life or work or both require us to thrive  and survive without use of our right brain with our left in full throttle. Let me help you cope.


  • Draw, doodle, paint, color – all good for the right brain soul
  • Dream and design without limits
  • Take time photograph something unique, a different texture, an intriguing pattern
  • Say yes to clay, play-doh and everything else you can mold
  • Make a mess – no rules, no boundaries

We can get through this together. What do you do to let your creative side flourish after a long day of details, numbers and charts?

Image is from a Mercedes Benz Print Ad 


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