Smith Designs and Other Failed Company Names

Seriously, who names their kid something as plain and generic as Jennifer Lynn Smith? Didn’t they know I was going to go into event planning and Smith Designs just has a really boring sound to it. Brand yourself as a creative events professional and call your company Smith Special Events and you may have a branding existential crisis. It’s okay. It has grown on me or rather I have grown into it. For now to avoid any potential branding crisis, I will not be starting any business of my own. Ten years from now, this may be an issue I revisit. However, if you know of an events business that will look beyond my plain jane name, send them my direction. In the meantime while I wait for my phone to ring in new opportunities, here are a few perks to being a Smith, just in case you are in the same boat

There are some perks to a name such as my own.

  1. I will never be without visitors in the ICU when restricted to family members only. They may not technically be related, but who is going to not let another Smith in. How would they know we both were not at the same family reunion last year?
  2. Try finding me on Facebook. Yep, you have to be a grade A Facebook stalker to track me down. My creepy follower list is rather low. This applies for all other social media platforms as well.
  3. I will never be without luggage. If I ever lose my luggage, I guarantee there will be another Smith on the flight. I am sure they would have no problem “lending” me their suitcase when mine is missing. On second thought, this is stealing. I do not condone Smith vs Smith luggage wars. How to solve this potential snafu? Tape a picture of your face on the front compartment that says clearly “This Smith’s Luggage.”
  4. I can always feel famous when I read about another “me” in the paper. Why live your life as a boring Smith when you can live vicariously through other Smiths that are of greater notoriety. If a Jennifer Smith breaks headlines, it could have been me. A Smith can dream.

Are you a fellow Smith? I know you are out there! We can stand united. Tell me about your perils of not being the 1 in a million.


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