Southwest Showcase 2014 – Sneak Peak

As I sit in quietly in the Ballroom C waiting for the next session to start, I cannot help but exude a little bit of enthusiasm for the opportunities that are just around the corner. Remember when you were smaller, much shorter and much wiser than your parents, your teen years, you were a bit too cool to rush the family minivan like your younger siblings when your parents mentioned you all were going to your favorite frozen desserts hot spot (I don’t want to offend anyone by mentioning a specific place, but I assume you know what store you went to as a kid). However, in your head, you were rushing the minivan. You were jumping up in down on the inside and a smug look on the outside. That’s how I feel. I want to rush the minivan, show me the ice cream, let’s pick a flavor or two. I look forward to providing some choice nuggets soon about the Southwest Showcase. Check back!

Image from Southwest Showcase Website


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