B&W Photography Weekend Project

It’s the Weekend and that can only mean one thing…free time. What? Free Time? Yes, no events happening this weekend so I am free to run wild or maybe just chill on my little love seat sofa with my dog. Either way, I want to embrace something creatively with my mother’s old 1979 Minolta XG-1. I am still learning the ropes and finding my photographic niche, nonetheless, I find the whole process exciting from focus, click to developing the prints. As you can imagine I don’t have a dedicated dark room to develop myself much less a kitchen larger than a closet. So in the order of importance my goal would be find a place with a larger kitchen first and then on down the line maybe, maybe add a dark room. Okay, who am I kidding, I have no plans to do either. It’s Austin, someone is bound to have a dark room and I’m not hipster enough to use it anyway and no one has a large apartment with a sizable kitchen under $800. We can dream.

Don’t let me steal all the fun! Go out and take a photo or two yourself! No I am not judging you if your camera of choice is your phone. You can let out a sigh of relief that I am not that pretentious in my love for photography.


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