Photo Booths vs. Selfies

2014-01-28 23.16.12It’s 2014 and Photo Booths are here to stay. Let’s face it, in the era of the Selfie, people love to take photos of themselves. I want to highlight one of the photo booth companies that was at the Southwest Showcase. With all of the vendors to choose from, this Bash Photo Booth had some charm. A physical booth with a real time print out – I had never done this before, can you believe it? No seriously, I had never experienced the joys of taking silly photos with friends or a partner at the mall. Isn’t it the mall where we all first fell in love with photo booths, before our smart phone selfies? Anyway, this was a first for me and it was a great experience! Thanks to Hyatt for letting me snap a few awesome photos! 2014-01-28 23.19.01

Want to know more about Bash Photo Booths? Go and check out their site and services. It could make your next party a huge hit.

Bash Photo Booth Site


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