Reinvention, Reunions, and 5 Words to Chew

Think for just one second, how would you reintroduce yourself? To who you ask. To anyone.

Once that thought has saturated your mind, travel with me to a story we all know too well. It’s that reunion, family, high school, etc. You receive the invite in the mail with promises of meeting up again with past loves, formerly famous jocks, and once clever class clowns. What do you do?

Who were you at 18? What about university? Did you reinvent yourself then to get away from a legacy you wished was further removed. Change your name? I went from Jenny to Jen – seemed like a simple change, a different attitude and persona. What about your first “real” job? Did you stress over your name’s place on your new company card? After all who are you? Who have you been? Now back to that reunion…

One phenomena I have experienced when I reunite with old friends or family members whom I have not seen in years, or maybe even a few months is what I call “Frozen-N-Time Disorder.” People seem to naturally just freeze your image, who they believe you to be at the last place they remember, high school graduation, your Uncle’s funeral, or that really awkward college party. Wherever that place leaves you, its not current; it is static. Outside of fiction novels, not one character is truly static. So, if you could magically help your friends overcome Frozen-N-Time Disorder, who would you present to them. It’s tough to reinvent yourself when your friends are suffering from this very real disorder. Seriously, take 5 minutes to think about it. Move jobs, cities, why not countries, who would you reinvent for your new brand and identity? In five words or less in the comments, tell me!

Passionate – Funky – Free-Spririt – Creativity – Art-ivist (art activist) – I need to coin that!

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