Why All That’s Good Must Go

Before you begin to ask yourself if I am some up and coming evil villain in the Austin area, hear me out. Everything is good must go. I am sure you heard the cliche: All that is good must go so great can take it’s place. Now that you are rolling your eyes, just hold on for one more second. I have two thoughts I want to share here.

1. This world has a lot of good in it. Believe it or not, turn off the world news and you may just see it. There are good people, good hearts, good everywhere. However, I am not talking about ending this kind of “good.” Rather, I am talking about the good that comes will our work we do as professionals, working women. It is the late night project we set on the back burner since we wanted happy hour drinks instead. It’s doing a good job, enough to float under the radar and receive a few accolades from our managers but not many. It is is good enough, to get by. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I just have enough energy to get by. Sometimes all I have left is the good. However, we need to set a higher bar and strive for great.  Check out a LinkedIn job posting and it will tell you just how many people who have applied for that position. It is sobering to think the vast majority of those applying meet the requirement of being a “good” candidate or “good” match. How in this world are you going to stand out?

2. Point 1 is why we all need to strive for great. Want to be branded as innovative and a thought leader, start pushing into the late night, burning the midnight oil and strive for great. It’s not easy. I am on that late night track too. We need more great. TED talks have tried and in my opinion failed to inspire greatness within each one of us. Quite honestly, this post is going to fall flat too. I am certainly not a TED talk speaker. I can lend one thing TED talks cannot. One voice, one story – my journey. I am working on finding all that is Great and letting go of good.

This post was inspired by this book, Good to Great. Or read more here!

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