If the Shoe Fits, Hire Her!

According to recent stats, unemployment is down in the United States (read more here).  However if you are one of those still searching, you may still feel a heavy heart. Maybe you lost your job, perhaps you were fired, laid off or even quit – whatever the reason, the search for your glass slipper is still draining on. You have even gone through your job search checklist:

1. Update Resume – Check
2. Update LinkedIn – Check
3. Ration your chocolate milk consumption – Check, begrudgingly
4. Surf Indeed and other job boards like a mad woman – Check
5. Start a blog and other personal branding – Check

However, you are still scrambling for your glass slipper.  You know you are valuable. You believe in yourself, but that candle of hope is starting to flicker and feel faint. Frantic or not so frantic, just pause with me and ask yourself one question: What kind of company do I want to work for? Sure if you are right out of college there is a list out there trending of the “trendiest” places to work. Yes. Google is number 1 as your might suspect. However, if you are not a techie, like myself, Google may not be at the top of your list. Forget company names, forget Google for one second. Return to the question – can you articulate the kind of company culture (BUZZ WORD ALERT) you would thrive in? Let me challenge you – I know the anxiety has set in, but just pause and resist the urge to start mass applying to everywhere known to female-kind. When you know how to answer this question for yourself, or better yet, seriously have begun to think about it, go back to your search. You may just surprise yourself.

Hopefully the next interviewer will see that if the shoe fits, to hire her. – That her being me!

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