I’m a feeler – I just need you to listen

keep-calm-but-please-listenToday was one of those days when a few things did not go as planned and left a little tinge of frustration lingering in my heart. I felt down. Naturally, I did what every girl, well let’s not stereotype here, what some girls may do, reach out to their partner to ramble and rant. Naturally.

Just as my voice began to trail off and silenced kissed my last thought, I waited. Then he said it “You can’t always get what you want babe.” And he is not even a Rolling Stones fan?!?!? I then immediately retorted and said “I’m a feeler babe. I have feelings to share. I need your empathy, not your thoughts. Although I do appreciate them, right now, I just need you to say, ‘That’s frustrating.”‘ To which he replied instantly with “that’s frustrating” broken up by a slight pause then added “but you can’t always get what you want.” Of course he did.

Well I suppose he is right. I just wanted to throw it out there into the cyber world that some of us though as bright as we are, we already know that. We know the world does not move and rotate on our every whim. It doesn’t. However, the misunderstanding here is that I am a feeler and sometimes all I need is you to empathize and listen.

Ask me about my day and you will hear action words intermingled with feeling words, lots of feeling words. Lots of frustration, elation, joy, surprise, and contentment … The proper response in my opinion, acknowledge those feelings are there and embrace the moment with me. I promise I will move on, the rambly rant will end, and yes, I will reinstate logic as the ruling center after the feelings have cleared.

Feelings are okay. They are what the are – it’s what you do with them that matters. Sometimes all one must do is listen, acknowledge, and help the speaker to release. Try it next time your friend or partner starts to share.

One last thought: Thoughts are not better than feelings and vice versa. Remember that!

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One thought on “I’m a feeler – I just need you to listen

  1. thestudyhallbooks says:

    You said it! How many women have tried to express this to our male counterparts? I have been married nearly 24 years now and dated my husband for 3 years (on and off) before marriage and it took him about half of that to realize I attach emotion to everything. Not one decision is ever made by sheer logic.

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