The Pot Will Boil…Eventually

It’s 7:10 PM, another late day at the office, another long commute home. If your budget was not as tight as your skinny jeans, you would have considered take-out or delivery. Alas, it’s 7:10 and you have poured water into your big pasta pot and eagerly are waiting for it to boil/ Sure, the box says the pasta should be ready “Al Dente” in 7 minutes, but that does not take into account sadly this stovetop is electric and this water is 100 degrees from boiling if not more. You wait.

No matter how you count the minutes, eventually that pot of water will boil.

I don’t know what you may be waiting on, a new job, an acceptance letter, or maybe just that pot to boil. Regardless, we all know what it feels like to wait in the 20 person check-out line the day before Christmas at the grocery store because we forgot to get the turkey of all things. We know just how many minutes we are willing to wait in a drive-through line anticipating our cup of coffee before we fume. Waiting to pick up a package at the post office may just take the cake. 

How do you measure the wait? Do you measure in minutes, hours, months, years? Let go of your notion of time and embrace the wait differently. Time is subjective in how we see it, experience it. Somehow we have let numbers on a clock face orchestrate our lives. We have turned over our autonomy to the merciless ruler of our phones. Let’s measure time another way just once this week.

Here are some ways I like to measure time:

  • Coffee cups & conversations
  • Photographs – rolls of film
  • Art projects completed – canvases, sketchbooks
  • Music – How many songs was I able to enjoy?
  • Cuddling with my dog or lover – who doesn’t love a warm blanket and cuddling?

What makes a minute a valuable measurement of time? Try measuring your wait in something that inspires you and trust me, the wait will not be that long. That pot will boil and in the meantime you will have found value outside of the clock face and time.

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