Time Travel & Other Novelties – Part 1

Lo and behold, I was once one of those college students that decided to live abroad for a summer. Had I the money, I would have stayed for much longer. Alas, I revisited my old blog that chronicled my travels and found a funny gem from that summer in 2009. I will post the first installment here in hopes to share and relive a few laughs. Cheers to Time Travel & Other Novelties!

Into The Night – Part 1

Sunday night, to celebrate La Fête de la Musique, I ventured into central Paris with a friend around midnight. It was spontaneous to say the least.

I had gone all day without joining in the festivities, so around 10h30, I felt the urge. I was not going to sit around at the house and miss out on a fabulous French holiday. After a careful persuasion of my friend, we set out for the train station, to catch the 11h08 train. The Bastille became our destination. After a few shuffles from the RER E to a couple metros, the lights of the Bastille were beckoning. Emerging from the damp subway tunnel unto the city streets, my stomach reminded me I needed a quick bite to eat. Immediately ahead, a push cart stand selling sandwiches was a pleasant site. What to choose? What is going to settle at midnight? Everyone says not to eat late at night, and I certainly was not going to abide by that rule. Again, savory meats and cheeses were calling me to draw closer. Suddenly, without warning, I heard three boys laughing several feet away as they dropped something vaguely familiar to the ground. Quickly, I ran the image of the object through my minds eye, to realize exactly why the boys were snickering. A flash of brilliant green light exploded from the cobblestone street. Piercing the black midnight sky with bullets of radiance. I turned to snag my friend forcefully by the arm as my feet without instruction seemed to run in the other direction.

To be continued . . .


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