Time Travel & Other Novelties Part 2

Into the Night – Part 2

Disclaimer: You cannot, I refuse to let you read this post before you read part one. This is a spoiler notification. You can only read this one first if you are one of those people who read the end of the book before you start the first chapter. So in that case, you must click the previous post. Confused??? I thought so. Just don’t do it!

Phew! Long disclaimers are exhausting. The story will pick up here:

A green firework! Really. Those boys dropped a green firework, you know the kind that creates marvelous explosions high in the sky. It launched green sparkles like heat-seeking missiles to hit every pedestrian and car in range. Fortunately, my friend and I were able to get out of the way just in time. So we began again, on our way. After dodging a few strange men asking for money or “favors” our eyes set gaze upon a large gray plume of smoke. Fireworks must be on sale or something. Yet, this plume seemed a bit more alarming as emergency vehicles were crawling the street everywhere. Police officers combed through the crowd. Did I say crowd, I meant mob. The streets and sidewalks were teeming with people. At this point in time I remembered a crucial piece of advice, where there is a mob, there may be a riot, where there is a riot, you do not want to be in sight. So in desperation we turned around only to be nearly overtaken by the mob running towards us. People plowed through us like football players during spring training, crazed, and not stopping. Our evening out seemed to turn into quite a roller-coaster ride. We took a clue from the mob and pushed our way, clutching our things down the stairs to the metros. Perhaps they were just reenacting the raid of the Bastille that happened in the French Revolution. I might have believed this if I had seen period costumes, but the hip hop drag tore this theory to pieces. Determined, we made our way through the maze underground in hopes of surfacing somewhere less chaotic.

To be continued …

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