Time Travel and Other Novelties – The End is Here

Into the Night – The End is Here

By this point I hope I do not have to add a disclaimer, You should know, good blog readers read in order. That means no peeking at the big finish, if there is one.

We managed to escape the sea of crazed people. Jenny and Cindy 1 point, mob 0. Yet as you may recall, my stomach was not at all ready for such excitement, empty and jostled meant an emergency. Fortunately, fate must have planned our trip, because right of the stop was nothing better than a crêperie. What is a crêperie you ask? A little slice of heaven’s kitchen on earth. I ordered a nutella banana crêpe. It was simply divine. With a satisfied stomach, Cindy and I ventured on our way, up and down streets with night life bursting from the doors. People in cafés, bars, and clubs. People selling roses in large bouquets to couples promenading down the street. Bicycles swerving through added a nice zing to the noisy street. Music boomed from the corner stores, complete with bouncers collecting your the entry fee. Salsa music, hip-hop, rap, and jazz all mixed into very odd backdrop as we walked the streets. After all that commotion, finally, it was time to do as we had set out to, to find a place just to enjoy the music.

It was a long crazy night, racy and full of excitement. Yet, I would never trade it for another. Fortunately I had Monday off, so my 3am arrival chez moi was not at all a dilemma.

Thanks for reading. If you like these series posts, let me know.


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