Locked Up!

No I did not go to prison, but I have been locked up before. Before you run off and try to runs  background check, I have not been to juvi or jail either. Nope. Check out just what happened one summer in Paris, France…

When I was a kid I dreamed of being locked in stores and playing with all of the clothes and toys while grown-ups were sleeping. I always hoped that perhaps one night I could slip away from my mother, hide underneath the tunnels of clothing until she went home. I would then and only then reemerge when I heard the store gate go down and the lights dim. It seemed like a wonderful plan then, and yet I knew it would never come true. Department stores were not playgrounds and certainly did not post rent for little children to spend the night.

That dream almost came true. I am not lying. I was in a bookstore around the corner. I was absolutely enamored. If you have seen the movie Matilde, I felt like her in a sea of books. So much to read and understand. I poured over the children’s section. I found my favorite children’s series in French, because my French literary was still not very advanced. I imagined reading these books when I was younger with my hair tied back and hidden away underneath the covers in my room with only a flashlight to read by. As I walked up and down aisles my smile only seemed to grow as my eyes could not take it in. I read excepts from books that were originally in Spanish and English and German. When I found the classics, I could not help but find the play by Moliere that a group of friends of mine had preformed some time ago. I held each book as if it were the treasure I had been searching for, a window into another world.

Words combine to produce sentences. And sentences combine to produce thoughts. This is how the world operates, off of single units we call words producing sentences and finally complex thoughts that are understood and felt. If you can read, you can see past you own view and understanding and take on another, much like a new set of glasses. You can look with fresh eyes into a world previously unknown. Each book had a story and each story was composed by an author and each author could not have written it without thoughts. Thoughts about life and love and romance fill pages after pages. You can pick up a book about ethics or economics, or one that sparks your wildest imagination. This is the joy of reading but I digress.

Now, I know what you are thinking. As several have already perceived, my introduction was not in vain. As I was perusing the bookstore I took no notice of the time and the shop keepers did not notice me either. Quite a predicament I might say. What are you going to say to shop keepers when they find out they have locked you inside? Surely they would not jump to any hasty conclusions.

As I made my way down the stairs, I had nothing on my face but a smirk of contentment. I saw the gate down and the doors locked. I was not at all dismayed, but pleasantly surprised. The lady behind the desk stopped counting money, paused, and decided to ask how I was still inside. I said I lost track of time. She smiled and let the gate up and asked me to open the first door on my right. I cannot imagine what they were saying once the door closed behind me.

Life is full of surprises and dreams that can come true.

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