Art of Polymer Clay

Oh how I loved Polymer Clay as a child – what are you doing to embrace your inner artist?

Canadian Art Junkie

Montreal-based Raku Inoue is an artist, illustrator, sculptor and photographer who works in polymer clay to produce 3D illustrations, butterflies, masks and other stunning works. (Above, Below: Theatrical masks)

He does intriguing fantasy scenes.

His huge variety of butterflies are mounted in shadow boxes.

Detail from the wing of a larger butterfly

Love his caterpillars.

His illustrations are stunning (Seadragon, and Seadragon detail)

Born in suburban Tokyo in 1983, he spent his early childhood watching anime, reading manga and discovering living creatures, especially insects, which proliferate in Japan: “I believe that living in such a place, surrounded by a large variety of elements had a powerful influence on my creativity.” He immigrated to Canada when he was 9.

Raku Inoue’s website, here, on Behance here, on Facebook here.

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