Wanderlust…In the wrong direction

It’s almost noon, Saturday, and I have been awake for two hours. I will pause for those who feel the need to gawk at my “early” morning schedule. Okay, now that all the early birds are happily noshing on their worms, I will progress.

In the last few months as many of you may know, I have been on the lookout for a fantastic job. It was just before Christmas holiday that I lost my job and I have been steadily applying ever since. Today, unlike many other days before, I began to look once again for employment on whatever job search engine available. Oh and I cannot lie, I also checked my Facebook. It was on Facebook, not Indeed, that I found another blog post about a couple gaining residency in Guatemala. I won’t dive into their story entirely, but all you need to know is that this couple met on a trip my grandmother funded. Had she not put a penny or two toward’s his trip, he would have never met his now wife, and subsequently decide to move to Guatemala. I feel a bit proud here.  What am I getting at? (Yes, I know this blog is starting to run all over the place, but I’ll bring it back home eventually.)

What I am getting at is this. When I was 18, that was my dream. Travel abroad, meet someone who loved and felt the same for experiencing life overseas, marry and move. Funny enough, I secretly asked my grandmother to fund my friend’s trip because I wanted that man to fall in love in Puerto Rico to me. I know, I know, very creepy. I totally do not condone such conniving behavior now days. We all know now that snagging a man and trading for a ring is not the chief end of being a woman. I seriously was told growing up in a church that my only way to do life as a woman had to be with a man lording over me. What little I knew and understood back then.

Whether it is paying bills or buying things we don’t really need, life has a way of keeping us tied down in pursuit of lesser things. We get so wrapped up working long days, late nights, and weekends all to hand our profit to another middle man, landlord, loan officer, or internet provider. Our radio stations are punctuated with commercials urging you to buy into a new product, experience a new spa treatment. You cannot drive your commute from work without hearing and seeing just what it is you are lacking according to the world’s media engines. Materialism is our master in the states. Why keep up with the Jones when you can be them, just work one more 60 hour week and you’re set. I don’t want to waste my life toiling away for more stuff to fill my apartment, and when that becomes too small, some storage unit 5 miles away. Sounds utterly un-fufilling, but in some ways, I have begun that rat race. I have bought into Gatsby’s mentality, chasing the green light.

This is not what I had imagined when I was 18. Granted, in most ways I am thoroughly pleased life is not as my 18 year old self planned. Chasing the American Dream one paycheck at a time was not in the cards, so I thought.

So back to the blog post…I immediately felt this intense need and desire to travel again. Why did I ever study anthropology, but for the sake of learning and loving world cultures. No seriously, I have never been happier than when my passport is stamped. I just want to leave again. I want to explore. Perhaps losing my job has been the best thing that has ever happened. Maybe I will find space and the money to indulge in my wanderlust.

Perhaps I have been searching for employment in all the wrong directions. Time to brush up on my French or learn a new language, my passport is calling.


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