The Age of ADD

So here is part 2, some more thoughts about my trip to the symphony for The Gershwin Experience. You can read Part 1 here.

The Age of ADD: I love classical music, jazz and otherwise. I bought the tickets back in September of last year knowing that my partner and I are big fans of George Gershwin. I had not known whether we would be together to share last night, but I knew if not him, someone would be in the seat next to me.

Now I repeat I love jazz and I love Gershwin, but I caught myself over the course of the two or so hours of marvelous music daydreaming. I cannot tell you just what I was thinking about, but I was totally off beat every so often. I just embraced the rambling thoughts as they floated through my consciousness and when I could, I reengaged with the music. I imagined myself playing on the stage a bassoon like I once did. I zeroed in on the fingers of the expert pianist as he ran through all the complex syncopations. Reengaging was not a hard process because the music was indeed spectacular. But I cannot help to admit that with the era of the internet, smart phone and tablet, my attention span has dwindled. I just seem to struggle to sit still, legs crossed for over 2 hours, much less focus for an entire piece. After all these years of faster and faster download speeds, I too have fallen victim to the instant need for action and entertainment.

How can we get back to a slower pace and fight the need for instant gratification? Perhaps its time to unplug the computers and smartphones and return to living life one vinyl Gershwin record at a time. Side A first…

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