What is this blog about?

That is a great question. I am still wrestling with just what kind of content I want to curate for this blog. Seriously, I love to write about almost anything, but a blog about everything and anything in between is not the goal. Hence the title of this blog reads like my business card and speaks little to just what you will find here. When that title changes, believe you me (never quite understood the origin of that phrase) the blog will have a clean and concise content strategy. More important that what I want to say, who do I want to spend my online hours talking to?

I started the blog as an online platform for my resume. With all the green initiatives taking over the city, I wanted to add my own paperless trail of lessons learned and experiences gathered. So here I am about 40 or so posts in and I feel it is about time to find my online voice.

Here are a few topics I have been mulling over:
Weddings – Events – Design – Positivity – Art – Creativity – Healthy Minds/Hearts – Feminism – Equality – French – Travel – Culture – Anthropology … and the list goes on!

For now I am just writing. I am just getting into the habit of writing content. Oh may the waves of inspiration wash over me soon!


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