Bookstore Date Night

Now before you judge a blog post by it’s title, just give me 500 words or less to convince you spending your Friday night with your arm candy in a bookstore is just what this girlfriend has ordered. Why? The typical dinner and a movie cliche date is worn out. And let’s face it, who takes a girl to a movie unless he clearly does not feel like her personality is engaging enough to converse with over drinks, face-to-face. That’s right I said it. Now there is nothing wrong with both loving movies and finding the experience an engaging one, but if your task is to learn something about this stranger you say you are dating, talking helps. Last time I checked talking is frowned upon in most movie watching contexts. So here I am recommending not the dinner and a movie, not even dinner, just a bookstore date meant to grow you two together.

Remember the days as a kid, every other birthday party came complete with balloons, candles and the annual scavenger hunt? Well here it is again. Yep, you thought you had outgrown the joys of rummaging through things and dashing down aisles to find item #12 on your list, but today I am giving you permission to let loose with one bookstore find at a time.

Here are my 15 items to find in a bookstore with your honey on your Bookstore Date Night:

  1. Your favorite childhood picture book.
  2. Your favorite childhood chapter book.
  3. Your first “adult” or “young adult” novel.
  4. A recipe you want to make with your lover – write it down for later.
  5. A place you want to visit with your lover in the United States.
  6. A place you want to visit abroad.
  7. A book with a funny cover.
  8. A book that makes you laugh.
  9. The worst coffee table book you can find.
  10. A book about a skill you want to learn how to do.
  11. A book to help your skill set between the sheets.
  12. A book about something your partner loves or is interested in.
  13. A ridiculous calendar – most bookstores have a few in stock.
  14. A book about your favorite artist, musician, or poet.
  15. A book that you feel represents your relationship.

Now go forth and conquer this scavenger hunt at your local bookstore before the clock strikes twelve. I hope you learn something fresh and exciting and laugh a little along the way with your sweetheart. I would love to know what books you found and what it correlates to on the list above in the comments section below, of course after you have put your some of the books like #4 and #11 to the test. Happy Hunting!

Featured Image Credit: Fresh Home | Vanesa Rey


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