Play With Your Food!

Okay, so we all remember hearing straight from our mother’s mouth as we tried to drink out pasta sauce through a penne pasta straw, “don’t play with your food.” If you had siblings and knew just when mom would get up from the table to check on dessert, you would make sure your brother saw you first before being chided to get the right ratio of disapproving looks to laughs. Well, today is the day your inner kid can come out again and this time we want you to play with your food. Where? At your wedding! And I when I say play at your reception with your food, I do not mean shove the cake in your wife’s face. No you can do that if you feel so inclined, but what I have in mind is fund for your whole wedding party and guests.

New Take On The Cake – The Cupcake Bar

No one is telling you to ditch the traditional white bride’s cake, but why not add a little whimsy to the whole tradition too? We just love The Cupcake Bar in Austin. So just what is The Cupcake Bar besides sweet tooth heaven? The Cupcake Bar allows each guest to have a customized cupcake and experience. You pick the cake, toppings, and icings and your guests get to experiment with all the tasty combinations. It is interactive and a fun way to entertain and wow your guests with an unexpected treat!

The Cupcake Bar

Les Crudités – A French Twist On Fun Finger Foods

Some guests will welcome the opportunity to taste a little of everything your caterer may have to offer. Why do it in a buffet line when tasting stations are interactive and satisfying. Set up several tasting stations around the space for your cocktail hour or reception with individual portions of each selection.Traditionally crudités are raw veggies with a dipping sauce. Why stop with small veggie snacks? Why not individually portioned Mashed Potato Martinis? What about a Tequila Tasting Station? Almost anything you love to snack or sip can be turned into a tasting station!

A Better Way To Beat The Heat – Frost 321

Why settle for chilled champagne when a frozen cocktail is oh so much tastier? We know just who can help you beat the heat at your reception in Austin, Frost 321! Frost 321 is a company that uses liquid nitrogen to chill its beverages and sorbets. If you can dream it, they is probably a way to make it! They set up their equipment and with a few ingredients and a magical display, sorbet, frozen cocktails or ice creams can be served to your guests in under three minutes. You will want them to be a part of your reception, the perfect wow and taste factor for your guests.



Images From: Wedding Belles | The Cupcake Bar | Frost 321 | Wedding Window


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