Unplug Your Wedding: Dos and Don’ts

In a world where everyone seems to carry a smart phone in their pocket, it seems almost like a pipe dream to suggest to your guests and bridal party to unplug. Unplugged Weddings however have become an increasing trend in 2014 on the premise than an unplugged wedding is one that all guests are plugged into rather than their phones. Here are a few suggestions to make your wedding smart phone free.

Don’t: Allow the bridal party or family of the bride to snap photos in the dressing room and post online.

Do: Discuss a photography timeline and which shots, such as first look photos, are important to the couple in the planning process.

That way the family knows to wait and not snap photos as not to ruin the first look photos. You don’t want the whole world to see or worse the groom to see pictures of the bride before the scheduled time in the photography line-up.

Don’t: Let guests use their phone during the ceremony. It is rude.

Do: Have a cellphone and coat check.

You want your guests plugged into the experience you have created for everyone to relish in and enjoy, not their Facebook feed. Plus, nothing is more annoying to a photographer who is being paid to snap the wedding when you are in the way to snap your selfie or in the aisle trying to snap a picture of the bride. A flash from a guest’s camera could ruin a perfect shot entirely.

Don’t: Ask guests to Instagram and live tweet your wedding.

Do: Set up a slow motion photo booth and ask your guests to enjoy it instead.

Why? you can live update the slow motion video feed to social media so you capture the fun your guests are having without having to search all of Facebook and twitter for your guest’s photos attached to a hashtag. Any photo booth that can update photos into an album on Facebook or tag the individuals to post on their individual pages is a win for the tech friendly guest.


Featured Image: Glamour



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