The “Paper”

You know what paper I am talking about, the one that took some 4 years, others 5 to obtain…yes, a diploma. Not just any diploma, don’t kid yourself, when you were a high school senior, you were told just which diploma and from where, being led to believe not all degrees and schools were created equally.  I will let the jury decide on that age old question. I for one thoroughly enjoyed the two colleges I had the great pleasure of attending as well as my chosen choice of study, Anthropology, no, not the clothing retailer. Now, let me answer the #1 question I hear: “What in the world do I do with a degree in cultural anthropology?” Anthropology is a social science, much like sociology and psychology. In fact, if sociology is like the panoramic view of society and psychology is extreme zoomed in focus on an individual, cultural anthropology fits somewhere ever so neatly in between the two. I like to study culture, habits and beliefs. Where does this tie into event planning? I learn to understand people to create events that creatively cater and connect to different pockets of culture with different needs. Every client has a unique voice that I try to tune into when designing the right event for that person. I speak their language and connect with their heart.

Toccoa Falls College – August 2007 – December 2009
Studies: Cross-Cultural Studies, Concentration: Immigrant Populations from Algeria in France

The University of Texas at Austin – January 2010 – February 2013*
Degree: B.A. Anthropology, Minor: History

*Although the completion of the degree was February 2013, due to an online course, the official degree was not awarded until May of 2013 due to the academic semester cycle.


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