Nuts & Bolts

Can I operate a computer? If prompted will I order food in French at a fancy French restaurant? When not doodling on a napkin, do I know how to fold it into a perfect origami finger hat? Yes, yes and no. We all have room for growth. Check out some of my skills that don’t involve failed origami crafts.

Event Planning / Account Management / Creative Writing / Team Mobilization / Attention to Detail / Networking / Hospitality / Logistics / Intermediate French Language / Strategy and Branding / Trip Coordination / Contract Negotiation / Group Facilitation

Computers & Gadgets:
PC: Microsoft: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher
Mac: Numbers, Pages, Keynote, Garage Band, iBooks Author
Salesforce / Basic HTML Literacy / Social Media / WordPress Blogs / Tumblr / Google Drive / Trello / Dropbox

Free Time Pursuits:
Let’s pretend the first thing every event planner does after an event is not run home to their dog and slip on their comfy pajamas with a good book and actually stretch our imagination. Ok, seriously, post event production, my dog, a good book, and those faded flannels are all I need. Otherwise I love to explore creative expression through many different mediums: oil pastel crayons, photography, and spoken word poetry. Check out my blog to see a few favorite prints.

Want to know a bit more? Invite me to coffee, another favorite pastime, talking and sipping a great cup of espresso. Maybe you can teach me finally how to fold my paper napkin into a small origami finger hat.


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