How In The World Did You Land Here?

How in the world did you land here?
Maybe a business card pointed you to the right site. That’s what they’re supposed to do right? Perhaps your endless search on the web of the infinite “Jennifer Lynn Smiths” led you to this page. We can talk later just why you were searching the web for my name. I can only hope your intent was not to create a scrapbook of all the many Jennifers in the world. That would be an exorbitant amount of time wasted and not to mention creepy (although scrapbooking is a better use of your time than say recreational flea picking, paperclip collecting, or the dreaded professional whistling). Regardless of how you found me, I am glad you did. Before you exit out of this tab feeling you found the wrong “me,” stay a while. After all, you are here now, and I would love to show you my corner of the universe.

The Long Version:

Let me tell you about my experience as a Creative Events Professional

9-5 Honor Roll – What most call my work experience…

Nuts & Bolts – What you may be inclined to call my skills…

Life Outside the Cubicle – What I try to do when I am not working or blogging…

The Paper – What everyone hangs on their wall after four years of toiling…

The Short Version: 

Short on time? I completely understand. Bookmark it, and be sure to come back.
For now, just check out my Visual Resume!


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